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The market-leading BBQ promotion, offering an altogether better BBQ sponsorship experience with an average sponsor RoI of x25+ returns, in 2023 to its traditional slot at the end of May!

27th National BBQ Week

May 29th – June 4th 2023


One of the UK's Top 5 multi award-winning Awareness Weeks

So, what happened in last year’s 

26th National BBQ Week 2022

Following 2021’s Covid induced move to the first week in July, last year’s 26th National BBQ Week, ran over the same July period. The first RoadShow visit was to the Devon County Show, Exeter where there was torrential rain, however the next two RoadShows to Tatton Park, Cheshire and Winchester, were absolute scorchers, with temperatures in the upper 30’s.

All RoadShows were extremely busy with initial estimates putting attendees at over 125k, and we distributed tens of thousands of sponsor samples to incredibly happy festival goers and in fact overall we think its probably one of the best RoadShows we’ve ever run! The RoadShows were also supported by a very full PR, competition, social-media, and promotional activity. 

And here’s what some of our previous sponsors have said:
Birds Eye Green Cuisine – Tory, SBM “Super pleased with the results!” /
Budweiser – Amar, SBM – “Awesome results Cheers to a sizzling partnership!” /
Heinz-Bull’s Eye -Laura, SBM  “A great participation that worked really well!” /
Sainsbury’s/Cranswick -Mike, CM –  “Delighted with the campaign!”

Just 1 category remaining for 2023!

27th National BBQ Week 2023 - Campaign summary

BBQ RoadShow sampling

9 days at leading Food Festivals; reach up to 145k & 20k individual sponsor samples


Radio, print & on-line up to 360+ pieces – campaign editorial + branded competitions - coverage 70m

Social & Web

Campaign & branded social interactions, target 220k + campaign website, 100k usv’s

Promotional & Trade support

Celebrity GrillMaster sponsor branded PoS + BBQ Baptas & Barbi for Britain charity event

Branding, SoV & Activation

Hi-impact branding & equal Share of Voice guaranteed for all sponsors

Full activation, no call on brand resources

BBQ & alfresco eating categories

8 exclusive Official BBQ category sponsors!

Value & Cost

Overall campaign value approx; £2.2m

Fully inclusive, exclusive category sponsorship cost Less than <0.9% of campaign value!

22nd Gastro Alfresco add-on option @ major discount

13 RoadShows
days reach 185k & 25k samples per sponsor + media, social, promotional & trade support.

4 key activational areas + Gastro Alfresco add-on!

BBQ & alfresco categories we filled in 2022

Beer – San Miguel
Condiments  Encona
Plant-based  Birds Eye Green Cuisine
Wine –  La Vieille Ferme
BBQ & Alfresco retailer – Robert Dyas

Just 1 category remaining for 2023

Bagged Snacks

Ice Cream/Desserts

Savoury Snacks
Soft drinks
Wine + BBQ’s/Fuel

27th National
BBQ Week

May 29th - June 4th 2023


27th National BBQ Week has  exclusive product categories, request info below:


Find out more about BBQ & & gastro-grilling here:

Together Is Better in 2023/24

Targeted campaigns covering most major grocery occasions or categories

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Our Together Is Better grocery experiences bring together synergistic brands in integrated campaigns combining  live RoadShow experiential activity, supported by major media & social coverage, plus promotional & trade activity, which creates much greater shopper engagement and brand cut-through at a very much more cost-effective rate. 

May 29th - June 4th 2023

27th National BBQ Week -
BBQ & Gastro-grilling

November 20th - 26th 2023

12th National Wine Week + 6th Get Wine Wise - Wine education

June 12th - July 16th 2023

22nd Gastro Alfresco + National BBQ Week – Alfresco eating & entertaining

December 4th - 10th - 2023

1st Mixorama -
At-home cocktails

September 11th - 24th 2023

5th It's Lunchtime -
Brunch & Lunch

February 13th - 26th 2024

5th Dinner To Dine For -
Big Night In/Meal-treat

October 9th - 22nd 2023

1st Free-from Fortnight -
Free-from & Plant-based

March 13th - 26th 2024

4th A Better Breakfast + National Deskfast Day – Breakfast


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