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28th National BBQ Week

June 3rd-9th 2024


One of the UK's 'Top 5' multi award-winning Awareness Weeks

The market-leading BBQ & alfresco eating experiential sampling national RoadShow campaign + media/social & promotions.

Now together with 23rd Gastro Alfresco in one major summer experiential extravaganza!

NEWS FLASH 1 sponsor slot unexpectedly
just become re-available!

So, what happened in last year’s 

27th National BBQ Week 2023

Following the Covid lock-down years, the 27th National BBQ week returned to its traditional end-May slot and last year linked once again with the 22nd Gastro Alfresco campaign to provide a summer-long sampling programme. 

And here’s what some of our previous sponsors have said:
Birds Eye Green Cuisine – Tory, SBM “Super pleased with the results!” Budweiser – Amar, SBM – “Awesome results Cheers to a sizzling  partnership!” / Heinz ~ Bull’s Eye – Laura, SBM  “A great participation that really worked well!” /  La Vieille Ferme – Andy, GM “Really great campaign which has certainly helped the brands success” / Sainsbury’s/Cranswick – Mike SCM “Delighted with the campaign!” / San Miguel – Phoebe, SBM – “The campaign has worked really well”

28th National BBQ Week 2024 Individual campaign summary

National BBQ Week, 25 Years Cranbrook, Kent on 14 June 2021. Photo by Matt Bristow.

BBQ & alfresco categories we filled in 2022/3

Beer – San Miguel
Condiments  Encona
Plant-based  Birds Eye Green Cuisine
Wine –  La Vieille Ferme
BBQ & Alfresco retailer – Robert Dyas

Exclusive main categories - 2024

Bagged Snacks

Ice Cream/Desserts

Savoury Snacks
Soft drinks
Wine + BBQ’s/Fuel

*NEW BBQ Supporter category

28th National
BBQ Week

June 3rd - 9th 2024


28th National BBQ Week has  exclusive product categories, request info below:


Find out more about BBQ & & gastro-grilling below or call 020 3872 2573

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June 3rd - 9th 2024

28th National BBQ Week -
BBQ & Gastro-grilling

November 25th - December 1st 2024

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