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Now celebrating over a Quarter Century of Better British BBQ!

BBQ is a big & dynamic market currently worth around £2 billion, having grown from just 9 million BBQ occasions in 1997 worth around £150 million to around 137 million in 2019. Following last year’s Covid lockdown prompted stay-at-home Easter where a record 11 million BBQ’s were held, all indications are that this major growth has continued throughout this summer as, despite the easing of Lockdown, lifestyles remain more home-centric.

An altogether better BBQ & alfresco eating/
entertaining experience returns in 2022.

26th National BBQ Week

May 30th – June 5th 2022

One of the UK’s leading & longest-running Awareness Weeks –
Now, after Covid, returning to traditional end-May slot!


A changed format reflecting changed times

To celebrate a quarter century of Better British BBQ’ing, National BBQ Week the original, award-winning & market-leading BBQ category specific multi-brand, multi-channel campaign with 5 key activational areas, has been extended in 2021 and now includes Extra Days/Shows.


25th National BBQ Week

As a result of the Covid lockdown, BBQ and alfresco eating & entertaining confirmed it’s position as the UK’s No.1 at-home, summer leisure activity with three out of four households now owning a BBQ grill and with some households having 3 or 4 Barbi’s a week during summer 2021.

Covid Enforced date Change 
In recognition of its Silver Anniversary of 25 years encouraging the UK to be Better BBQ’ers and the impact of the ongoing covid restrictions, this years National BBQ Week was both moved back to early July and was also extended to two weeks. Despite this the 25th National BBQ Week has  been the most successful, ever, featuring  both live RoadShows at leading Foodie Festivals, as well as major media, social and promotional activity.

Live experiential sampling RoadShows + Full media, social & promotional support including the BBQ Baptas & BARBI for BRITAIN events!

26th National BBQ Week 2022 - Campaign summary

Live RoadShow sampling

12 days
@ major Foodie Festivals; reach up to 120k & 20k individual sponsor samples


Radio, print & on-line up to 400 pieces – campaign editorial + branded competitions - coverage 91m

Social & Web

Campaign & branded social interactions, target 220k + campaign website, 100k usv’s

Promotional & Trade support

Celebrity GrillMaster + downloadable sponsor coupons, sponsor branded PoS, BBQ Baptas & BARBI for BRITAIN
charity event

Branding, SoV & Activation

Hi-impact branding & equal Share of Voice guaranteed for all sponsors

Full activation, no call on brand resources

BBQ categories

Official BBQ Exclusive category sponsors now full
Just added NEW BarbiBrand category

Value & Cost

Overall campaign value approx; £1.6m

Cost of exclusive category sponsorship less than <1% of campaign value!

26th National BBQ Week with 5 key activational areas!

BBQ food & drink categories we filled in 2021...

Condiments Bull’s-Eye
Plant-based Birds Eye Green Cuisine
Protein Sainsbury’s Summer Edition
Soft drinks Shloer
Wine Beefsteak Club

BBQ food & drink categories we want to fill in 2022...

Soft drinks 

Together Is Better in 2021 & 22

4 targeted campaigns for the rest of 2021 and 12 campaigns in 2022 covering most major grocery occasions or categories

Grocery Gurus is a dedicated promotional marketing agency that creates, owns & activates ‘Together Is Better’ – multi award-winning, multi-brand, multi-channel shared grocery brand experiences.

Our Together Is Better grocery experiences bring together synergistic brands in integrated campaigns combining both live RoadShow experiential activity, supported by major media & social coverage, plus promotional & trade activity, which creates much greater shopper engagement and brand cut-through at a very much more cost-effective rate. 

Our 2021 & 22 Together Is Better campaigns

2021 campaigns

July 5th - 18th 2021

25th National BBQ Week(s)
BBQ & alfresco eating

September 20th - October 3rd 2021

1st Free From Fortnight –
Free-from & Well-being

November 1st - 7th 2021

4th Get Wine Wise + 10th National Wine Week – Wine Education

November 15th - 28th 2021

2nd Mixorama –
At-home cocktails

2022 campaigns

January 10th - 23rd 2022

1st Come Diet With Us –
Dietary & Healthy living

February 7th - 20th 2022

5th Dinner To Dine For -
Big Night In/Meal-treat

March 2022 (exact dates to be advised)

5th A Better Breakfast + National Deskfast Day – Breakfast

April 2022 (exact dates to be advised)

1st Time 4 Teatime –
Teatime & Early evening meal

May 2022 (exact dates to be advised)

3rd BeerathoN –

May 30th - June 5th 2022

26th National BBQ Week –
BBQ & alfresco eating

June/July 2022 (exact date to be advised)

21st Gastro Alfresco –
Alfresco eating & entertaining

August 2022 (exact date to be advised)

1st Veggietopia + Flexitaria -
Vegetarian/Vegan & Flexitarian

Serptember 2022 (exact date to be advised)

5th It's Lunchtime -
Brunch & Lunch

August 2022 (exact date to be advised)

1st Veggietopia + Flexitaria -
Vegetarian/Vegan & Flexitarian

August 2022 (exact date to be advised)

1st Veggietopia + Flexitaria -
Vegetarian/Vegan & Flexitarian

August 2022 (exact date to be advised)

1st Veggietopia + Flexitaria -
Vegetarian/Vegan & Flexitarian


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