7 Key BBQ Campaign Areas

Last year's 21st National BBQ Week campaign consisted of seven key integrated areas.

21st National BBQ Week 2017 Campaign Performance

•  Average sponsor return on investment x13

•  Overall Media reach 29.9 million - worth £704k

•  Overall Social Media impressions 287k - worth £29.4k

•  Guerrilla Grilling Pop-ups 44 venues across London - reach 34.1k

Guerrilla Grilling - Pop-up BBQ's all week

Throughout the Week, teams of Guerrilla Grillers popped up at 44 seperate venues across London, including 20 Majestic Wine Warehouse, reaching 34.1k with the aim not to just have fun and show how it should be done, but also to maximise media coverage.

A Social-media kick-start

to summer

Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube a major activity designed to get the Nation barbecuing during the Week achieveing 33.5k followers, with 287k individual impressions worth £29.4k. The National BBQ website achieved 53.7k isv's. Social-media also included the BBQ Bapta’s and Britain’s Best BBQ’er.

UK’s biggest BBQ blog & website

Full of fascinating facts & figures plus insightful tips, recipes & advice www.nationalbbqweek.co.uk and BBQ Blog will once again lead the way in helping consumers not only make the most of their Barbi experiences but also how to really chill n’enjoy them! With target usv’s at 100k+

BBQ Bafta’s & Britain’s best BBQ’er

Consumers who joined in the Barbi fun and posted their best BBQ video on-line won big prizes.

‘Appy Barbi’s – A unique new BBQ app.

A unique new mobile app. offered immediate money-off discounts across any retailers. In conjunction with Shopmium, the Barbi app. provided product discovery, new customers, coupon activation & redemption, plus product feedback & insight.

Official BBQ status

Sponsors were able to use the highly valued Official NBQW Sponsor status on all brand and media communications including on-pack.

Massive media coverage -

243 items + 54 competitions worth  £703.1k

Heavyweight traditional media campaign covering NBQW/sponsor PR & branded competitions with big Barbi prizes across the UK achieved 243 separate items of  editorial reaching nearly 28 million consumers and worth £704k. With a further 54 BBQ competitions reaching a further 2.4 million and worth £133.4k.